Tallying the Unknown- What is Your Fraud Savings?!?

Posted by Kitty Stolle on Jan 6, 2022 9:27:00 AM

How do you count what you prevented? What is the value of deterrence? Is a bird in hand worth two in the bush?

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Yes, They Really Said That - Adventures in Hiring!

Posted by Kitty Stolle on Aug 31, 2021 8:43:07 AM

Hiring is a weighty responsibility. Not only is the company's future in your hands, but so are the lives and futures of each of the applicants.  

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Top 25 Key Creative Datamining Queries for SIU Analysts

Posted by Kitty Stolle on Jun 7, 2021 11:25:14 AM

Frequent flier fraudsters spend a lot of time thinking of ways to get around your Claims Teams.  One of the most effective and efficient ways for SIU's to stay ahead of them is analytics - creating innovative datamining queries to bring the fraud to you for investigation. 

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Weird Questions & the Art of Hiring an SIU Analyst

Posted by Kitty Stolle on May 20, 2021 8:04:58 AM

What is the primary quality that you look for in an SIU Analyst?  In my time as a Regional SIU Manager, as I hired many analysts, that question continued to present itself seeking my answer.  Experience?  Aptitude?  Attitude?  Education?   What is the key? 

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Decision Making and the Elusive World of Unintended Consequences

Posted by Kitty Stolle on May 3, 2021 4:16:04 PM

As a new manager many years ago, decision making came at me as a strange mix of hurry up and slow down. Over the years I have learned (and I'll admit had to relearn many times) that 'unintended consequences' are key to your decision-making timeline. Move too fast, they come barreling at you later! Delay too long and invite more! But they are

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Combat Fraud in 2021

Posted by Globlue on Jan 4, 2021 11:42:41 AM

Every year begins with much hope as the "new" year takes off like a tourist on a jet plane. Unfortunately, as much as we wish a new year meant a clean slate and doing away with all the bad & forgettable issues of the previous year, we all know that reality is much different. The tourist eventually returns home and finds it all just as he left it!

Last year brought many new challenges and adversity into ALL our lives. Even if you are fortunate enough to not have had anyone in your family affected by COVID-19, it affected, and continues to affect all aspects of our lives. 

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COVID-19: NICB Resource Center

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 27, 2020 3:01:23 PM

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is continuing to monitor the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on consumers, our membership, law enforcement, and our strategic partners. This resource center hosts the latest information surrounding the virus and what is happening in our states from a fraud perspective. 
As the world continues to navigate the impacts of COVID-19, the potential exists for bad actors to look for ways to target consumers and the insurance industry. We should all be on the lookout for crooked physicians, attorneys, and patients attempting to commit insurance fraud by submitting false and exaggerated medical claims. We should also be aware of possible scams involving business interruption, online hackers looking to steal critical personal data, and other efforts to commit insurance fraud. We know these are just a few of the potential scams, and we no doubt could see many more in the coming weeks and months. 
NICB remains vigilant and engaged with our law enforcement partners around the nation. We will continue to track potential fraud trends in the coming weeks and keep our members informed on the latest developments. 
If you see a trend, please reach out to your NICB points of contact.

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COVID-19 Task Force Initiative - Insurance SIUs and Law Enforcement 60-day Free Access to ARKHOS Intelligence Tools

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 25, 2020 3:00:45 PM

Globlue's COVID-19 Task Force Initiative

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Intel Analysts Can Generate Real Time Actionable Intelligence with ARKHOS TLOxp Stream for IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 18, 2020 9:15:50 AM

“This connector allows for complete searching of large amounts of records in a very short period of time and creates a fantastic visual product that is easy to understand and easy to explain.”

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IBM Testimonial

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 13, 2020 4:08:26 PM

"IBM i2 is thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration. The ability for customer to easily access TransUnion incredibly rich data, through the ARKHOS Connector, will vastly propel customer's ability to analyze and investigate potential threats in real time."

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