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Posted by Kitty Stolle on Aug 31, 2021 8:43:07 AM
Kitty Stolle
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Hiring is a weighty responsibility. Not only is the company's future in your hands, but so are the lives and futures of each of the applicants.  

But sometimes a situation comes along that still makes you laugh, or shake your head, years later.   Here are a few that come to mind for me: 
Question- What would your supervisor say is your greatest weakness?
Answer - Well, he would probably say my organizational skills because that's why he fired me! 🔥
Question - What was your greatest error in judgment and how did you overcome it?
Answer - Well, that would be getting married.  I overcame it by getting divorced! 💔 (We added 'work related' after repeatedly hearing this answer.)
Question - Tell us about a difficult situation at work and how you resolved it.
Answer -  He proceeded to tell us about a fight he had with counsel.  But by the time he finished his story, he was red faced and practically spittin-mad from the retelling! 😡
Question by the hiring SIU Supervisor - Before we get started, is there anything we can answer for you?
Answer - Applicant looking to the female SIU Manager - Can you get us some coffee? 😉
Question - What was your greatest work related error in judgment and how did you overcome it? 
Answer - I really don't have one to share because I don't make errors in judgment.  (Surprisingly hear we this often.)  😇
Question- Tell us why you want to join the Special Investigative Unit. 
Answer - I love reading detective stories every week! 🕵️‍♂️ (We hear this a lot too!)
What are your favorite interview responses?

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