Globlue provides customer-centric solutions for Insurance, Finance, Intelligence, Defense, and Law Enforcement agencies. ARKHOS Intelligence Suite was conceived with the best-of-breed integrated solutions available in the market, its rapid-deployment framework is built on predictive, forensics and event-based alerts with decision management workflow.


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Arkhos Intelligence Suite
The need for real-time response is driving a revolution in the data-to-decision (D2D) process. In order for organizations to turn massive data sets into actionable intelligence and insights that can inform decisions, they need to apply reason, analysis and advanced analytics over the entire corpus of available data. This means organizations need to exploit data from a variety of sources at large scale, and in a range of formats; both structured and unstructured. ARKHOS is an open, interoperable, extendable and scalable solution that helps organizations accelerate the data-to-decision process by enabling them to perform predictive and forensics analytics at scale and with critical speed.

Globlue's Intelligence Suite delivers cognitive technology for Predictive and Forensic applications.

Innovation Driven

Technology is powering the 21st century and having a profound impact on our world. Artificial Intelligence is present everywhere, smart devices are part of our lives, human and machines interact as never before.

The technology advances that we have seen in the last decade are something that we usually only imagined belonging to science fiction movies, however, they have become a part of reality that we simply cannot deny. We at Globlue Technologies strive to carry on this momentum to the next level of innovation.