Cyber Security

Enabling organizations with defense, protection, and offensive cyber intelligence capabilities


Rapidly uncover time sensitive insights about your attackers and their motivations, so you can adjust and enhance your cyber security measures against them. ARKHOS Cyber Intelligence helps the analyst to uncover hidden connections buried within data, bringing rapid clarity to complex investigations and generating actionable insights, in near-real time.


Globlue Becomes VMware Carbon Black MSSP

Globlue is proud to partner with VMware Carbon Black as a a Master Security Service Provider to bring customer with unparalleled services. 

Lenel OnGuard 7.6 is here! 

Extensive enhancements to OnGuard® version 7.6 create a more scalable, accessible and cloud-compatible enterprise security platform. 

Enhanced Secure Communication

Globlue partners with major security firms to provide Governments with secure voice and text private communication service. 

Carbon Black

Analyzes attackers’ behavior patterns to detect and stop never-seen-before attacks. Leveraging the power of the cloud, it analyzes more than 500B events per day across millions of global endpoints, helping you stay ahead of emerging attacks.

Key Features

  • Stop malware,ransomware and next-gen attacks 
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime of critical systems 
  • Consolidate endpoint agents 
  • Prevent unwanted change to system configuration 
  • Meet IT risk and audit controls across major regulatory mandates 
  • Increase efficiency of IT resources with streamlined IT audit processes 
  • Protect legacy systems running on unsupported operating systems 
  • CB Protection is now a direct control for requirement 5 of PCI DSS 

Consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network. It performs immediate normalization and correlation of vulnerabilities activities on raw data to distinguish real threats from false positives, helping to prioritize security incidents.

Key Features

  • Provides near real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization, delivering surveillance throughout the entire IT infrastructure. 
  • Reduces and prioritizes alerts to focus investigations on an actionable list of suspected incidents. 
  • Enables more effective threat management while producing detailed data access and user activity reports. 
  • Supports easier, faster installation and includes time-saving tools and features. 
  • Produces detailed data access and user activity reports to help manage compliance. 

Protect your workstations and servers by achieving greater than 98% first-pass patch success rates and enabling continuous endpoint compliance across Windows, UNIX, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Key Features

  • Apply only the Correct Patches
  • Enforce Continuous Compliance
  • Provide PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Manage Unlimitless Endpoints
  • Deliver a Broad Rage of Security Functions
  • Manage Assets
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Discover Software and Processes
  • Comprehensive Software ID Catalog
  • Reduce Security Risks