Rapidly uncover time sensitive insights about your attackers and their motivations, so you can adjust and enhance your cyber security measures against them. ARKHOS Cyber Intelligence Appliance [ARKHOS CIA] helps the analyst to uncover hidden connections buried within data, bringing rapid clarity to complex investigations and generating actionable insights, in near-real time. ARKHOS CIA

ARKHOS CIA leverages the power of IBM QRadar Watson Advisor and IBM BigFix

Watson Advisor
Watson Advisor

ARKHOS Cyber Intelligence capabilities includes defense, protection, and offensive tools ranging from SIEM integration, OSINT tools to exploitation techniques with advanced analytics possibilities. ARKHOS Cyber Intelligence leverages of the power of IBM Security Watson Advisor to enhance your organization's ability to quickly detect and protect against cyber threats, as well as a variety of integrated technologies to empower your security team to effectively assess and respond to threats in real time.

Prevention & Response
Globlue has developed a state-of-the art solution for cyber intelligence analysts to perform a 360-degree assessment of potential threats in real time. Using the highest ranked set of information security tools, ARKHOS CIA provides a intuitive interface that simplifies events monitoring, incident response, threat assessment, and compliance.
Event and Log Management
• Turnkey log management for SMB and Enterprises
• Real time offense alerting

• Integrated log, flow, threat, compliance mgmt
• Asset profiling and flow analytics
• Offense management and workflow

Network Activity Collectors (NetFlow)
• Network analytics, behavior and anomaly detection
• Layer 7 application monitoring

Risk Manager
• Predictive threat modeling & simulation
• Scalable configuration monitoring and audit
• Advanced threat and impact analysis

Vulnerability Manager
•Integrated Network Scanning & Workflow
•Leverage SIEM, Threat, Risk to prioritize vulnerabilities

Incident Forensics
•Reconstruct raw network packets to original format
•Determine root cause of security incidents and help prevent recurrences
Security Assessment
Globlue offers security assessment services to uncover any vulnerabilities your systems and applications may have and offer recommendations for mitigation. The services include Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, Network Security Testing and Evaluation, Vulnerability Assessment, and Malicious Code Analysis.
Internal & External Networks
• Services and hosts enumeration 
• Vulnerability validation and classification
• Exploitation and privilege escalation 
• Discovery
Active Directory Group Policy validation
• Network configuration validation (VLANs, ACLs, Topology)

Web Application
• OWASP top 10
• Blackbox testing
• Manual and automated testing 

Social Engineering
• Phishing and spear-phishing 
• Pretexting  
• Physical access

Mobile Application
• White-box and black-box security testing
• Reverse engineering and tampering 

Security Staff Training
• Anti-phishing and social engineering defense
• Security analysis and counter measures
• Security policies reinforcement and applications
ARKHOS SOC in a Box Deployment Option

ARKHOS CIA is a leading Forensic SIEM platform with integrated investigative and predictive tools to actionably resolve security incidents and events. ARKHOS integrates fully into the leading security platforms in the market today such as Carbon Black, BigFix, Tanium, Varonis, Digital Guardian, IBM, Symantec, Cisco, Palo Alto among others.

Ideal for organizations that desire to manage their own ARKHOS Appliance in house, and have a blue team structure with experienced cyber analysts and security engineers. ARKHOS Physical Appliance can be seamlessly integrated into customer's IT environment.
ARKHOS CIA on Air Virtual
ARKHOS Air is a cloud SaaS offering that provides Cyber Intelligence Analysts with access to intelligence analytics from any device, anytime, anywhere. ARKHOS Air allows a customer to transition from CapEx to OpEx model with excellent ROI, while providing IT peace of mind.
ARKHOS CIA Managed Services
Ideal for organization looking for outsourcing their Cyber Prevention operation to an experienced team of security analysts. The services can be tailored to the customer's demand covering monitoring, prevention, and response services.
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