What is it

NICB+ Stream, a part of ARKHOS Data Fusion, brings NICB's intelligence to the Analyst's fingertips through an enhanced version of IBM i2 Analyst Notebook, developed by Globlue Technologies having the SIU fraud Analysts and Investigators in mind.

How it works

ARKHOS Insights generates entity risk scores and summary by aggregating NICB historical data, including entity relationships and activities across multiple degrees of separation, allowing Analysts to perform real time analysis. ARKHOS Insights is updated on a weekly basis with new data from NICB.

How to get it

NCIB+ Stream is available for all NICB members through the ARKHOS Data Fusion Console subscription, which works seamlessly with IBM i2 Analyst Notebook. If you do not have i2 ANB, you can subscribe to ARKHOS Analyst which delivers a full enhanced embedded version of i2 ANB.

About ARKHOS Insights

ARKHOS Insights aggregates and compares historical information from multiple sources to define the true identity of a person trying to conceal their real identity. It discloses hidden relationships among persons and organizations as well as identifying their timeline of events and activities.

ARKHOS Insights provides proactive alerts as well as a 360-degree entity summary on persons, organizations, vehicles and transactions. Your organization can leverage ARKHOS Insights automation and forensics capabilities to bring internal and external data sources together such as claims, policies, HR, agency, service providers, NICB and DHHS alerts, to find nefarious activities within their book of business.

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Globlue Technologies and NICB Partner to Give Insurers Advanced Fraud Fighting Tools


“We see this partnership as yet another positive step in helping our dual members have additional tools to combat the ongoing challenges associated with insurance fraud,” said Dave Glawe, NICB President and CEO. “Mutual members will gain another advantage in the early detection and prevention of fraud.”


 “Through this partnership mutual customers will leverage ARKHOS Data Fusion enhanced identity resolution, which provides advanced intelligence analytical capabilities to bring carrier’s investigative data, third-party data and NICB data together in a single dashboard, allowing analysts to perform advanced analysis in real time, accelerating the data-to-decision process, as it relates to fraud detection,”said Adrian Silva, President and CEO at Globlue Technologies.


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