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ARKHOS Analyst Appliance

ARKHOS Analyst empowers analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

Starting At $249 USD Per Month*

Reg. Price $ 299 USD
Subscription Options:
ARKHOS Link Analysis (powered by IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook)
ARKHOS i2 Intelligence Repository  
ARKHOS Social Media Analytics
ARKHOS Geospatial Analytics
ARKHOS Unstructured Data Analytics
ARKHOS TLOxp i2 Connector
ARKHOS Cyber Intelligence Connector
ARKHOS Custom Schema (Law Enforcement, Insurance, Cyber)
Hands-on training Included 

Deployment Options:
ARKHOS Air - Cloud
ARKHOS Physical Appliance - on premise
ARKHOS Virtual Appliance - on premise
*Setup fee applies

ARKHOS SPSS Statistics Appliance

ARKHOS SPSS Statistics offers the self-service advanced statistical capabilities you need. Just download and go to make better decisions.

Starting At $89 USD Per Month*

Reg. Price $ 99 USD
*Setup fee applies

ARKHOS Predictive Analytics

This offering was created to provide insurance companies with advanced predictive analytics capabilities through a flexible service subscription model.

Service Fee Vary Based On Volume Of  Transactions

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Subscription Options:
ARKHOS Real time Predictive Scoring
ARKHOS Batch Predictive Scoring
ARKHOS Predictive Model
ARKHOS Entity Analytics 360º

No upfront investment is required, instead a transactional fee is due based on the volume of transactions processed through the powerful ARKHOS Counter Fraud Platform. Customers can choose from two distinct services: (1) ARKHOS Predictive Analytics Services and (2) ARKHOS Forensics Analysis Services.
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