Globlue launches new features on its Enterprise Platform ARKHOS®
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Major Hollywood Studios Association chooses ARKHOS as its intelligence solution for global content protection as part of its strategy to combat piracy worldwide.

The customer vision was to allow intel teams from multiple countries to collaborate and exchange intelligence in real time. Through ARKHOS rapid-deployment framework the customer went live in a few months and experienced an increase in performance and collaboration across multiple cases.

Arkhos Intelligence Platform

ARKHOS Intelligence Platform is the Globlue's offering for intelligence units. ARKHOS leverages the power of IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis to develop a unique integration of critical components necessary to support agencies' missions. It helps government agencies to accelerate the data to decision process by enabling them to perform analysis and advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed.

ARKHOS i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Whether your agency is challenged by large amounts of communications data or looking to turn disparate data into a clear operational picture, ARKHOS i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can help you turn massive amounts of data into actionable insight in near real time to support timely decision-making.

ARKHOS Intelligence Platform provides an extensible, service-oriented environment designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure. The platform helps facilitate and support operational analysis, improving situational awareness and providing faster, more informed decision making across and inside organizations.
Intelligence Law Enforcement

Intelligence Law Enforcement

Law enforcement software enables agencies to generate actionable insights that can help reduce crime and improve public safety. IBM® i2® Integrated Law Enforcement integrates analysis, lead generation, and communication technologies to provide a holistic view of data for policing and partner agencies. i2 Integrated Law Enforcement delivers cost-effective crime investigation and reduction capabilities throughout the organization.

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