Protecting valuable assets while identifying nefarious activities and threats in near real time

The need for real-time response is driving a revolution in the data-to-decision (D2D) process. Turning massive data sets into actionable intelligence and insights that can inform decisions requires collection, reason, and analysis across disparate data.

ARKHOS helps customers to make sense of complex data challenges 


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We see this partnership as yet another positive step in helping our dual members have additional tools to combat the ongoing challenges associated with insurance fraud. Mutual members will gain another advantage in the early detection and prevention of fraud.

Dave Glawe
NICB President and CEO
The ARKHOS TLOxp i2 Connector has united the power of TLO and i2 Analyst’s Notebook into a remarkable weapon in our fight against insurance fraud. In minutes thousands of entities can be populated on an i2 chart, reconciled, merged with other data, and visually associated with suspicious activities.
Michael Krohn
CHO Operational Analyst
Multiple investigative leads were developed that would likely be missed without a very time consuming visual search of TLO comprehensive reports and Claim data results.  ARKHOS allows for complete searching of large amounts of records in a very short period of time and creates a fantastic visual product that is easy to understand and easy to explain.
Stephen Spinner
SIU Manager | Analytics
As a professor, I know how difficult it can be to teach software programs, so I was impressed to see how well our Globlue trainer understood how to convey the training content in an accessible manner. In the future, Globlue will be the first company I think of when I have an interest in i2 solutions.
Stephen Coulthart, PH.D.
National Security Studies Institute Professor
The Globlue team seamlessly integrated the ARKHOS product into our existing suite and has provided hands-on trainings and demos to ensure the staff are informed and capable of using the product (though it is pretty intuitive on its own).
Patrick Rottas
Intelligence Analyst
IBM i2 is thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration. The ability for customers to easily access TransUnion's incredibly rich data, through the ARKHOS Connector will vastly propel customer's ability to analyze and investigate potential threats in real time.
Robert Griffin
General Manager, IBM Safer Planet
The ARKHOS TLO i2 Connector represents a collaborative effort between Globlue and TransUnion.  Our objective was focused on what an Analyst would need in utilizing skip-tracing data within the powerful i2 platform. We believe customers are going to appreciate this Connector, and confirm that we executed on our vision to create a tight integration.
Aaron Smith
VP, Innovative Solutions Group
Globlue Technologies did exceptional work on deploying our mission critical National Security Intelligence Center along with key intelligence technologies that enabled us to enhance our special operations. 
Special Agent
ARKHOS TLOxp i2 Connector is a great tool for charting TLO searches.
Chere Delco
Houston Police Department | Anti-Gang Division