supporting Fusion centers with technologies to effectively disrupt criminal activities

Arkhos Data Fusion

Technology and Information sharing is currently considered the most critical forces driving Fusion Centers to disrupt and stop organized crime.

On the other hand, data collection, processing, and analysis has become challenging. Intelligence analysts and investigators have access to more data they can process in a timely manner.

Fusion Centers Map

Globlue Technologies has created ARKHOS Data Fusion to equip Fusion Centers with a set of tools designed to accelerate data collection and analysis, providing actionable intelligence while enhancing time-to-decision.

ARKHOS Data Fusion DataCap extracts content from multiple sources and transforms it into entities, properties, and links. The Search feature allows 360 degree entity intelligence by pulling real time records from skip-tracing data providers.

Arkhos Data Fusion

When it comes to Fusion Center infrastructure, Globlue is expert in deploying turnkey video wall solutions powered by Hiperwall.


Experienced in designing and deploying Fusion Centers turnkey projects composed by technical infrastructure, real time surveillance systems, intelligence and crime investigation technologies and HD video conferencing , all integrated through a seamless video wall user experience. The Next Generation Video Wall solution (NGV) is an innovative and distributed visualization system that lets you see the big picture in a brand new way. It is the most powerful video wall system available today that is software versus hardware driven, giving you unmatched speed, flexibility, and functionality in extremely high resolution.

High definition 60FPS video streaming and content collaboration through video wall. Connect multiple offices on the same corporate environment seamlessly with easy-to-use experience.

Fusion Centers Supporting Technologies Available for Public Safety

City Surveillance

Deploying City Surveillance projects through an experienced multi-disciplinary team using advanced technology on data collection, transport, and analysis as a result delivering critical data with high performance


Wearable Covert

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, covert near field surveillance gets your eyes and ears anywhere, streaming real-time audio and video from indoor/outdoor environments directly to Central Command or Mobile Command, while recording content for forensics analysis.


Video Analytics

Deploying Video Analytics in a variety of security, safety, and intelligence environments enables measurement, analysis, action, and communication, based on information captured from a converged surveillance system, resulting in high efficiency of your operations

Video Analytics

Access Control & Face Recognition

Integrating advanced access control and facial recognition for identity verification and authentication, allowing corporations, law enforcement, intelligence, and military agencies to protect critical facilities.

Identity & Face Recognition

Central Command Center

Deployment of Command Centers integrating multiple sources of data with centric advanced Video Wall IP based technology, allowing content management for mission critical applications through intuitive user interface


Command Center

Capturing HD Video from a Mobile Command Unit anywhere and streaming HD content in real time directly to the Central Command Center, enabling mobile surveillance for special operations


Distributed Command Center

Federated architecture for distributed Command Centers provides comprehensive management capabilities through a seamless integration and collaboration process across multiple surveillance units distributed in different geographic locations


Tactical Surveillance

Suitable for remote realtime surveillance using IP based camera or HDMI camera with ruggedized case composed by electronic circuit board, communication equipment and long range battery varying from 8 hours to 32 hours of continuous operations


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