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NICB+ Stream is our featured stream available on ARKHOS Data Fusion  | Read more...

From insurance fraud and organized crime to anti-money laundering and narcotics trafficking, ARKHOS Data Fusion helps you accelerate the data-to-decision process, increasing your productivity, effectiveness and the accuracy of your results.

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ARKHOS Data Fusion combines critical data from a wide array of vetted sources to deliver a 360-degree view of any entity. This unique intelligence platform seamlessly integrates your existing internal data with external third-party intelligence for real-time visibility into your investigations — all in one convenient analytical solution.

From insurance fraud and organized crime to anti-money laundering and narcotics trafficking, Data Fusion helps you accelerate the data-to-decision process increasing your productivity, effectiveness and the accuracy of your results.

Spotlight: Globlue in partnership with NICB launches NICB+. A real time Stream available on ARKHOS Data Fusion that applies Identity Resolution capabilities to NICB datasets, allowing insurance companies to perform live searches using ARKHOS Advanced Analytics across NICB, internal claims data and external sources. Click here and schedule a demo.



Easily ingest your own data and apply entity recognition to automatically perform analysis, exposing concealed entity relationships.

DataCap Features Available

DataCap Maps
Analyze entities location to analyze crimes and fraud patterns using geospatial based detection

DataCap Sheets
Analyze structured data and create dynamic schemas across disparate excel and CSV collections such as Claims Study, Law Enforcement, Cyber, etc.

DataCap Crypto
Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain transactions analytics

DataCap Browser
Browser content analysis and entity extraction

Dynamic Schema Designer
Allows building visualizations schemas on the fly across multiple sources simultaneously

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ARKHOS Streams

Seamlessly access multiple vetted risk compliance and background sources with global rich data to build 360-degree picture of any entity of interest.

Real-time Streams Available

ForeWARN Alerts, Questionable Claims Subject of Investigations, Prosecutive and Administrative Actions (PAA), Closed Case Principals and MedAWARE® alerts arising out of the Aggregated Medical Database

Exclusion lists of entities engaged in criminal activities against Medicaid, Medicare, and State Childen's Insurance Healthcare Program

360-degree current and actionable data on people and businesses (USA)

360-degree current and actionable data on people and businesses (USA)

Current and actionable phone-centric data on people and businesses (140+ Countries)

Dow Jones
Global watchlist, adverse media from 200+ countries, PEPs, SIPs, SOCs, OFAC and EU sanctions, OOL, OEL, global profile of entities on Law Enforcement lists

Global official data sources with full provenance of companies, agents, officers, names aliases, addresses, with search capability in multiple languages.

Cross-check healthcare providers’ records such as individuals, organizations, addresses, phone numbers, taxonomy information, and filing dates


ARKHOS Insights

Dynamically connect unlimited data sources for continuous entity evaluation and automated detection of non-obvious relationships to uncover suspicious patterns.

Insights Features Available

Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness
Entity relationship detection through multiple degrees of separation

Proactive Alerts
Suspicious entities, POI and Watchlists automated matching

Identity Resolution
Machine learning multi-dimensional entity resolution, across disparate data sources, self-learning, self-healing and self-correcting

Entity Summary
Entity 360-degree view with contributions of multiple connected data sources

Our Continuous Enhancement Strategy

Globlue Technologies works diligently to expand new Streams availability by onboarding key new data partners as well as adding new features to DataCap, providing unparalleled user experience to our customers

IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Integration

Seamless integration with IBM i2 Analyst Notebook provides a unique user experience by allowing access to global investigative real-time data from vetted internal and external data sources, displaying actionable intelligence in i2’s intuitive dashboard

ARKHOS Data Fusion Technical Information

​ARKHOS Data Fusion is a client base application that installs on the end user’s desktop where IBM i2 Analyst Notebook is installed. Deployment is simple and intuitive, it takes only few minutes and does not require technical skills

"ARKHOS allows for complete searching of large amounts of records in a very short period of time and creates a fantastic visual product that is easy to understand and easy to explain".

Stephen Spinner

Auto Owners Insurance
Special Investigation Unit

DataCap Features Available

  • DataCap Sheets | Entity recognition applied to
    collections of structured data files
  • DataCap Crypto | Cryptocurrencies analysis and
    investigation (BETA)
  • DataCap Browser | Web scraper for entity recognition (BETA)

Real-Time Streams Available

  • TransUnion TLOxp | USA
  • Whooster Phone Intelligence | USA & Mexico
  • Dow Jones | Global Risk and Compliance

DataCap Features Coming Soon

  • DataCap SQL Connector
  • DataCap Social Media Analytics
  • DataCap Cyber Analysis
  • DataCap eMail Investigations
  • DataCap Geospatial Analysis
  • DataCap Speech to Text
  • DataCap DNA Matching Analytics
  • DataCap Robotics Processing Automation
  • DataCap Unstructured Data Analysis

Real-Time Streams Coming Soon

  • Thomson Reuters CLEAR
  • Dow Jones DNA Intelligence
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau – NICB*
    *This stream is only available for NICB members

ARKHOS Data Fusion is a licensed product developed by Globlue Technologies.
Licenses are available through an annual or monthly per-user subscription.

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