ARKHOS SIU/MCIU Consulting Services

As an integral portion of our fraud control strategy, we offer in-depth fraud consulting services for our clients. Our expert consultants have over 25 years of insurance and white-collar counter-fraud experience, including ground up investigations, major case investigations, analytics, and SIU management in combination with 10 years in pioneering analytical solutions within SIU teams.
This service is designed to assist our clients in building an effective and efficient analytical unit by developing a short and long term business model at multiple fraud control levels with a strategic focus on fraud prevention and detection within the client’s fraud control operations and strategy. Services are also offered in total unit and case management.
ARKHOS for Insurance Consulting Services focal areas are in the design of an advanced analytical unit (AU) within the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for the Insurance Industry developed to handle complex event processing common within the industry. Our solutions provide work-group and enterprise level analytic modeling for the AU along with high-end performance visual analysis for field investigators specialized in the investigation of insurance fraud.

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