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ARKHOS Data Fusion with NICB Stream allows insurance and law enforcement special investigation units to instantly find hidden links between entities from several data sources at once, organized into one detailed report. ARKHOS Data Fusion uncovers suspicious patterns, concealed relationships from several background sources at once; thereby, cutting down on SIU analysts' valuable time and saving you time and money! 

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Join us at the 2020 IFM Conference

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 2, 2020 2:08:36 PM

Connect with us (Booth 103) and learn how Globlue, in partnership with NICB launches NICB+. A real time Stream available on ARKHOS Data Fusion that applies Identity Resolution capabilities to NICB datasets, allowing insurance companies to perform live searches using ARKHOS Advanced Analytics across NICB, internal claims data and external sources.

If you are already familiar with ARKHOS
& would like to schedule a free demo click here.

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Topics: "nicb", "data fusion", "insurance", "insurance fraud", "ifm", "siu", "insurance investigators"

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