Dow Jones i2 Analyst Notebook Connector

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Jan 14, 2020 10:53:43 AM

ARKHOS Data Fusion allows AML Analysts to access rich Dow Jones risk and compliance data through ARKHOS Data Fusion. ARKHOS Data Fusion is the most powerful i2 Analyst Notebook enhancement available in the market. It allows fusing data from multiple sources through a seamless data patter schema in real time (TransUnion TLOxo, Whooster and NICB), besides it provide DataCap features for structured data ingested and geospatial analytics.

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How Insurers can access NICB Data in real time?

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Jan 14, 2020 10:42:04 AM

Insurance companies now can access NICB data in real time through ARKHOS Data Fusion. It allows Analysts and Investigators to make search on any party of interest, phone number, SSN, addresses, claim, policy, vehicle, among others. The search capabilities are very robust, and provide Identity Resolution across ForeWARN Alerts, Questionable Claims Subject of Investigations, Prosecutive and Administrative Actions (PAA), Closed Case Principals and MedAWARE® alerts arising out of the Aggregated Medical Database.

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ARKHOS Data Fusion & IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Connectors

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Jan 13, 2020 5:12:18 PM

Intelligence analysts and investigators are facing extraordinarily pressure to respond quickly to a wide range of threats. The practical application of performing advanced analytics across large disparate data sets is becoming challenging as analysts have access to more data that they can process in a timely fashion.

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