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Posted by Globlue Marketing on Mar 13, 2020 4:08:26 PM

"IBM i2 is thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration. The ability for customer to easily access TransUnion incredibly rich data, through the ARKHOS Connector, will vastly propel customer's ability to analyze and investigate potential threats in real time."

​ARKHOS Data Fusion is a client base application used by SIU (Special Investigation Units) - most notably law enforcement and insurance fraud investigators to fight Insurance Fraud.Testimonial ARKHOS IBM


  1. Increase productivity by average of 54%
  2. Installs on the end user’s desktop where IBM i2 Analyst Notebook is installed
  3. Deployment is simple and intuitive
  4. It takes only few minutes
  5. Requires no technical skills

Globlue Technologies works diligently to expand new Streams availability by adding key new data partners as well as adding new features to DataCap, providing unparalleled user experience to our customers. Click here for a download of our informative ARKHOS brochure.

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Our data partners and users agree that ARKHOS saves them valuable time and money in the course of investigating entities and people of interest. With several data streams: NICB Stream, TransUnion (with which Globlue established a strategic alliance to integrate TLOxp big data into ARKHOS i2 Enterprise Courter Fraud Portfolio.), Dow Jones, Whooster, and more. Time spent on investigating a potential fraudulent claim is cut considerably!

Contact us today for a demo of ARKHOS and a visual Monthly efficiency & productivity analysis. Based on YOUR data (number of investigators, SIU analysts' average hourly rate, case assignments per month, tactical analysis rate, etc.) we can show you how much ARKHOS will help you gain in personnel hours, increase in case analysis, productivity gain, efficiency gain and surplus over efficiency. 

From insurance fraud and organized crime to anti-money laundering and narcotics trafficking, ARKHOS Analytics helps you accelerate the data-to-decision process increasing your productivity, effectiveness and the accuracy of your results. 


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