i2 Analyst Notebook Connector

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Jan 14, 2020 11:33:49 AM

ARKHOS Data Fusion is the most powerful i2 enhancement that provides a set of i2 Connectors out of the box. Currently ARKHOS provides access to TransUnion TLOxp (USA), Dow Jones (200+ countries), Whooster (USA and Mexico) and NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau).

It also provide a features called DataCap which allows easy structured data ingestion into i2 and seamless analysis across all connectors. Geospatial analytics also is a big feature of DataCap allowing fraud and crime cluster detection.

New connectors are in development and Globlue provides development services for data providers, partners and customers that are interested in developing their own customized i2 connectors.


For more information regarding ARKHOS Data Fusion please download a brochure here: