ARKHOS Data Fusion & IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Connectors

Posted by Globlue Marketing on Jan 13, 2020 5:12:18 PM

Intelligence analysts and investigators are facing extraordinarily pressure to respond quickly to a wide range of threats. The practical application of performing advanced analytics across large disparate data sets is becoming challenging as analysts have access to more data that they can process in a timely fashion.

One critical task that is essential in developing a sound analytical strategy framework, involves identifying the multitude of data sources your unit have or can obtain. These sources can be both external and internal and fraud analysts can leverage of this rich realm of data available to develop a 360-degree profile of the subject of an investigation. How could it be done effectively?

i2 Analyst’s Notebook users can leverage of ARKHOS Data Fusion to access NICB*, TransUnion TLOxp, Dow Jones and Whooster big data to perform comprehensive entity intelligence with link expansion capabilities through multiple degrees of separation, in real time. This enhanced connector allows Analysts to perform 360-degree Profile instantly across multiple POIs (Person Of Interest), it finds addresses, phones, place of employment, criminal history, bankruptcies, liens, assets, relative, associates, global watch list, and more. Stored intelligence from previous working cases can automatically be merged when association patterns are found, giving the analyst the ability to uncover hidden connections among disparate data sets.

This integration of Globlue’s best in class advanced analytics capabilities with TransUnion big data has helped Law Enforcement criminal investigators and Insurance Special Investigation Units Analysts to discover actionable intelligence in real time directly from i2 Analyst Notebook dashboard.

The ARKHOS Data Fusion seamlessly integrates advanced i2 Connectors with i2 Analyst’s Notebook, which communicates directly with external data providers. This one-stop-shop searching capability eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple applications or trying to connect the dots across a variety of comprehensive reports. With a simple click and expand search fraud analysts can analyze data within a comprehensive report and quickly visualize within an i2 ANB chart. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your fraud analyst by taking the comprehensive report, sometimes 30 pages of data, and giving your analyst and investigator the power to intuitively make sense of the massive amount of data.

*NICB Access granted for members only.

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Fusing data from disparate sources can become challenging without the right tools. Data Fusion empowers Analysts to perform advanced analytics using internal and external data in a efficient way.

ARKHOS Data Fusion utilizes IBM i2 Analyst Notebook as its link analysis engine, allowing Analysts to connect to multiple internal and external data sources in real time.

Main Features:

  • DataCap | Allows Ingestion of  structured data and geospatial analysis with cluster identification
  • Streams | Allows live search at NICB, TLOxp, Dow Jones, Whooster (access to 200+ countries rich risk and compliance data)
  • Insights | Resolves entity unique identity across multiple data sources and provides insights about who is who, who knows who and who does what across several degrees of separation 

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