ARKHOS® Enterprise Counter Fraud is an intelligence analytics based appliance, its rapid-deployment framework is built on predictive and event-based alerts with decision management workflow, ready for Insurance and Finance customers.

Arkhos Ecf
Data Wrangling
Predictive Models
Machine Learning
Statistical Analysis
Real Time Scoring
Fraud Detection
Transactional AML Early Detection
Optimized Decisions
Advanced Link Analysis
Identity Resolution
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Intelligence Portal
Content Analytics
Social Media Analytics

Geospatial Analytics
TransUnion TLOxp i2 Connector 
NICB ForeWARN Alert Ready
DHHS Fraud Watch List Ready
Automated Case Referral
Reporting AML SAR/STR

Investigation Workflow
Automated Case Reports
Productivity Dashboard

Mobile Field Access

ARKHOS Counter Fraud is a new, next generation offering, delivered as a single, integrated solution, that addresses all phases of enterprise counter fraud measures.

ARKHOS® integrates with unlimited number of data sources, generating actionable intelligence to preempt and disrupt criminal activities


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Detect Respond Investigate

Analysts and Investigators can gain insights from powerful visual and geospatial capabilities including automated identity resolution, intelligence portal, case manager for investigators, unstructured data analysis, social network intelligence, predictive analysis, intelligence repository, NICB ForeWarn (NICB members only), DHHS and TLOxp.

Detect: Apply analytical fraud models and rules in the business process to determine if an ‘action’ is potentially fraudulent before unnecessary deposits, withdrawals, transfers or payments occur.

Respond: Apply fraud insights to take action. Confidently differentiate legitimate actions while preventing or interrupting suspicious actions by responding immediately to criminal patterns and activities.

Investigate: Turn fraud intelligence into action. Perform and manage the deep inquires into suspicious activity that will support the compilation of evidence and provide the thorough analysis required to build more compelling cases for prosecution and recovery or denial of payment.

Discover: Leverage a rich set of analytic capabilities to identity suspicious activity by retrospectively reviewing historical data, analyzing patterns and building watch lists to identify individuals or organizations that might be conducting fraudulent activities.

ARKHOS SIU/MCIU Consulting Services

Need to develop or enhance your SIU/MCIU?

Our experienced subject matter experts can provide innovated direction for your organization to develop an early detection analytical framework that best fit your fraud prevention initiatives.

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