ARKHOS Predictive Analytics Transactional Services

Globlue Technologies is thrilled to announce its most recent innovative services, ARKHOS Predictive Analytics Services. This offering was created to provide insurance companies with advanced predictive analytics capabilities through a flexible service subscription model. No upfront investment required, customer pays a flexible transactional fee based on the volume of transactions processed through the powerful ARKHOS Counter Fraud Platform. Customers can choose from two distinct services: (1) ARKHOS Predictive Analytics Services and (2) ARKHOS Forensics Analysis Services.

Key Benefits:

  1. Decrease claim processing time and cost with ARKHOS Early Detection Automation.
  2. Increase accuracy on referrals based on predictive scoring and business rules.
  3. Gain productivity by saving personnel time when dealing with making sense of massive amount of data.
  4. Experience immediate savings by detecting suspicious activities early on its tracks.
  5. NORA - Non-obvious relationship awareness
  6. Synthetic ID detection by Identity Resolution
  7. Social media and unstructured data analytics
Key Benefits

* NICB Ready feature is only available for Insurance SIU members of NICB. Please contact the ARKHOS team for more information.

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