ARKHOS Enhanced Proof Of Concept Program (EPP)

Insurance Customers now can leverage the ARKHOS Enhanced Proof Of Concept Program and have a taste of advanced analytics in order to make an informed decision whether it is the right thing for their businesses. We encourage customers to try ARKHOS before investing their valuable resources. Globlue has developed a framework and integrated key capabilities to provide an edge for customers aiming to implement counter fraud initiatives.

ARKHOS Enhanced

What is ARKHOS Enhanced PoC Program (EPP)?

ARKHOS EPP was designed to provide selected customers with the opportunity to experience the power of ARKHOS Counter Fraud innovative framework on premises for 60 days, using customer’s own data. This program is part of Globlue’s commitment to provide potential customers with unique offering designed to solve business problems while potentially saving  money by stopping fraudulent activities. 
How does ARKHOS EPP work?

Customer will leverage of ARKHOS Predictive and Forensics capabilities to detect suspicious activities early in the process, and will be able to apply advanced forensics analytics to unveil non-obvious relationships. Machine learning analytics will provide proactive alerting capabilities for entity match among disparate datasets including: Claims, DHHS, NICB*, and TLOxp.
What happens after the 60 days Enhanced PoC Period?

Customer will have the following options: (a) Return the Appliance without any further commitment; (b) Keep the ARKHOS Appliance for a special price offering; (c) Subscribe to ARKHOS SaaS; (d) or subscribe to ARKHOS Counter Fraud Analytical Services. Globlue also encourages customers to participate in Globlue's case study publications, which purpose is to share valuable insights about advanced analytics with industry professionals.
How is ARKHOS EPP deployed? 

ARKHOS Appliance is pre-configured for insurance counter fraud applications. Globue’s SMEs work alongside with customer’s SIU personnel in order to ingest internal data, such as: claims, policy, service providers, as well as external data sources that satisfy customer’s use case. Globlue provides training on how to use the solution and assists on getting the initial results.
How Customer's data is brought into ARKHOS?

Globlue will provide a template for data acquisition, which shall be used to prepare the data prior ingestion. Globlue then will ingest the data at customer premises,  and at the end of the PoC period the data is permanently deleted from the ARKHOS Appliance, should the customer decide not to continue to benefit from the analytical results provided through the ARKHOS Platform. 
What potential results should the Customer expect?

  • Early detection of suspicious activities
  • Faster assignment and resolution of claims
  • Alerting and event processing capabilities 
  • Synthetic ID detection by Identity Resolution
  • Claims scoring through predictive model and rules
  • NORA - Non-obvious relationship awareness
  • Social media and social network analytics