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Ingest, Fuse, and Analyze data from disparate sources and collaborate intelligence in near-real time


From insurance fraud and organized crime to anti-money laundering and narcotics trafficking, ARKHOS Analytics helps you accelerate the data-to-decision process increasing your productivity, effectiveness, and the accuracy of your results. 

Don't miss out on fraud hiding below the surface!

ARKHOS enables you to uncover the unseen criminal schemes on your suspicious activities with deep insights

ARKHOS Data Fusion

Solves the challenge of fusing data from disparate sources by providing advanced link analysis and entity consolidated reports

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ARKHOS Insights

Provides Insight through an advanced identity and social network analysis platform that defines who is who, who knows who, and who does what.

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Provides robotic process automation to assist Intel and SIU Analysts with unparalleled performance increase by prioritizing decision over repeatable tasks  


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