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  • ARKHOS DataCap 
  • ARKHOS NICB+ Stream
  • ARKHOS TLOxp Stream
  • ARKHOS Dow Jones Stream
  • ARKHOS Whooster Stream
  • i2 ANB Introduction & Core Concepts | Video Series

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Analyzing Staged Accidents in i2 Analyst's Notebook for Insurance Fraud Analysts | Request Access

In Person Training

We provide in person training at our headquarters in Houston, TX

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Insurance Fraud Analyst Training

This is a tailored training created for SIU Analysts  

IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook for SIU  


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You Will Learn

  • i2 Analyst's Notebook & OSINT Terminologies
  • Conceptual Structure of Data Analysis 
  • Master i2 ANB Layout, Interface and Taskbar Functions
  • Best Practice of Chart Creation
  • Create Association Charts Manually 
  • Create Association Charts Automatically with Data Fusion Console
  • Using i2 ANB Analyze Tools to Identify Most Common Insurance Fraud Patters 
  • Advanced Real-time Search on ARKHOS Streams - NICB+, TLOxp, Dow Jones, CLEAR, Whooster, and OpenCorporates
  • Working with Insights InfoCube to connect to your internal intelligence claims database
  • Working with Insights Advisor to detect alerts through relationship awareness and identity resolution
  • Ingestion and Analysis of Suspicious Claims using ARKHOS DataCap
  • Geospatial Fraud Detection through ARKHOS Maps Clustering
  • Store Analytical Study on i2 Intelligence Portal
  • Merge Multiple Charts in Order to Uncover Entity Relationships
  • Social Network Analysis, Filters, and Histograms, Map Chart Items, Conditional Formatting and Activity View tools
  • Forensics Fraud Analysis, Reporting & Distribution